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To report any 'Emergency'

Include as much info as possible about the emergency in as few words as possible. Give your position, number of personal on board and description of Vessel/Aircraft/Vehicle & Colors.
State clearly and slowly the situation and lend assistance if possible.

Emergency Information
Blood is in short supply throughout the world

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Priority Information
"Please Read This Important Notice to Mariners from the National Data Bouy Center

U.S. Coast Guard  ~ National Transportation Safety Board ~ Federal Aviation Administration ~ Homeland Security

Oddly Enough...


          Man found after 17 days in Gulf of Mexico
          MIAMI (Reuters) - A Florida man was rescued after drifting 17
          days in the Gulf of Mexico aboard his sailboat, the U.S. Coast
          Guard said.

          Gary Policy, 39, of Lake Worth was last seen March 13 when he
          and a friend left Cozumel, Mexico, on board a 28-foot sloop
          named Renegade.

          Policy told the Coast Guard that his friend, Jerry Lee Simmons,
          was knocked overboard about three hours after they left the
          Mexican port. He said he was unable to recover his friend
          because the seas were rough and he was an inexperienced sailor.

          After Simmons was lost, Policy said he began calling for help on
          the boat's radio but was answered in Spanish and could not
          describe his problem because he did not speak the language.

          Policy said he was able to activate the boat's locater system and
          began heading toward Florida about 36 hours after Simmons fell

          He was located Monday night by another boat about half a mile
          from the Florida coast. The Coast Guard and FBI questioned
          Policy about the accident and he was later released.

A few lessons here: Make sure all crew are familiar with man over board procedures and how the control systems (Sails, engine, throttle, rudder, etc..) operate'.  Learn enough of the local language to ask and receive assistance, morse code? Always have a emergency bag w/ water, food, fishing equipment, exposure protection:sun screen and cloth for shade. This guy was lucky to have the boat as a "life boat"...Just goes to show ya' You never know...editor